DFHG Witnesses Catalog

DFHG Witnesses Catalog

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Tituli - Atheniensis (Athenae)
3 A.D.
3 A.D.
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Volumen tertium

DFHG Witnesses Catalog

The DFHG Witnesses Catalog is a tool developed by the DFHG Project for searching and visualizing authors and works that preserve text reuses of the 636 Greek fragmentary historians collected in the Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (FHG) by Karl Müller. This tool is complementary to the other tools of the DFHG Project.

Search Fields

The DFHG Witnesses Catalog enables users to search the catalog by:


The results display the following data (when available):

  • Witnesses (authors) who preserve text reuses of FHG authors and works; the list is arranged in alphabetical order. This field includes also the record “No Witness Author”, which is not present in the FHG but has been added to avoid empty fields in the database and to represent FHG authors who don’t have a witness, by which we mean three different situations: 1) authors without fragments (e.g., Anaxis Boeotus), 2) authors to whom Karl Müller attributes works without fragments (e.g., Apion Oasita, De metallica disciplina), and 3) authors who are preserved by inscriptions (e.g., Dexippus Atheniensis, fr. 1) and manuscripts (e.g., Aristoteles, fr. [274]) or whose texts are published according to certain editions (e.g., Callinicus Petraeus, fr. 1).
  • Perseus Catalog Authors CITE urns: e.g., urn:cite:perseus:author.728.
  • Literary and geographical epithets of witnesses (authors) according to the TLG, the Perseus Catalog, Pleiades or the Brill’s New Pauly. On the difficulties of attributing literary and geographical epithets to ancient authors, see L. Berkowitz - K.A. Squitier (eds.). Thesaurus Linguae Graecae. Canon of Greek Authors and Works. Third edition. New York - Oxford: Oxford University Press 1990 (pp. xvii-xxii).
  • Chronology of witnesses (authors) according to the TLG, the Perseus Catalog, or the Brill’s New Pauly. On the issues concerning chronology of ancient authors, see Berkowitz-Squitier, op. cit, pp. xix-xx.
  • Witnesses (works) that preserve text reuses of FHG authors and works; the list is arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Perseus Catalog Works CTS urns: e.g., urn:cts:greekLit:tlg0016.tlg001.
  • Passages of works that preserve text reuses of FHG authors and works with corresponding DFHG volumes, authors, works, passages and fragments; the list is arranged following the order of FHG authors and fragments, and includes links to the DFHG URN Retriever.
  • Data includes also references and links to inscriptions, manuscripts, and editions cited in the FHG as sources of fragments.

Text reuse detection

  • The DFHG Witnesses Catalog includes also "text reuse detection" based on the Smith–Waterman algorithm that performs local sequence alignment to detect similarities between strings. Smith-Waterman has been used for sequencing DNA, and for detecting plagiarism and collusion by comparing sequences of text.
  • As for now, the DFHG allows users to automatically detect text reuses in:
    • the Deipnosophistae of Athenaeus of Naucratis through the Digital Athenaeus Project (DA)
    • other source texts by inserting an xml file URL or selecting one of the PerseusDL editions ().

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