Digital Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (DFHG)

Digital Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (DFHG)

This page contains the words (in bold) of the fragment that are collected in the Indices. Under the main entry are listed other relevant entries preserved in different fragments and source passages. Using the list icon it is possible to jump to the corresponding position within the Index.

Lysandridam adversarium in exilium ejicitTheopompus 268
regis in bello contra Thebanos prudentiaTheopompus 291
hostibus suppeditat viaticumTheopompus 292
ejus res in Ægypto gestæTheopompus 11
ejus res in Ægypto gestæTheopompus 23
ejus res in Ægypto gestæTheopompus 120
frugalitasTheopompus 24

soror Xenopitheæ, a Lacedaemoniis interfectaTheopompus 268
Phlegyæ materIII,5,5,3

Xenopitheæ f., adversarius Agesilai regis, a Lacedæmoniis in exilium pulsusTheopompus 268

Lysandridæ mater, mulier formosissima, a Lacedæmoniis interfectaTheopompus 268

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