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The DFHG Digger filters the whole collection of the Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum according to authors, works, work sections, and book numbers.
By typing and selecting through a live search, users can display the desired part of the collection.
It is possible to combine filters using logical AND/OR expressions to get a more precise selection.

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For each query the output displays introductions to FHG authors and fragments arranged by authors and works within FHG volumes and subvolumes.
It is also possible to search DFHG authors who don’t have fragments (e.g., Mnesiptolemus).
Forms of authors, works, work sections and book numbers represent the language used by the editor of the FHG (in Greek and/or Latin).
For a detailed description of the components of the DFHG main page, see “tools” in the DFHG home page.

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